Stress is like a big pimple. Everyone gets one at one point or another, and it sort of sticks around until you figure out how to make it go away, but until you figure that out, you are in for a ride with a lot of discomfort along the way. One of my favorite ways to expedite the “pimple process” is by journaling. There are a lot of benefits to journaling, many stated in Courtney Ackerman’s article 83 Benefits of Journaling for Depression, Anxiety, and Stress, including “boosting your mood, [enhancing] your sense of well being, [reducing] symptoms of depression and intrusion and avoidance symptoms, as well as improve your working memory.” Another reason I like journaling is because of the variety of ways we can journal. Some of the most beneficial types personally for me include:

1.) Vent Journaling

This is exactly what it sounds like. Sometimes if there is a problem aggravating you, perhaps a conflict with a friend or family member or just something you feel you need to get off of your chest, writing all of those feelings out is very helpful. I feel a lot better after getting it out of my system, and sometimes I can even find ways to solve my conflicts after reading it over and realizing how some of it may sound from another perspective. Overall this is a great tool to use to just get out your negative thoughts and clear your mind.

2.) Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling has popularized amongst the younger generations, becoming a cute and creative way to stay motivated. For those of you who may be busier or are having trouble staying motivated with a goal you are working on, bullet journaling is a perfect way to keep yourself motivated and on task. If you are interested in bullet journaling, look up some bullet journaling ideas on the internet and see what pages may interest you!

3.) Manifestation Journaling 

Manifestation Journaling is designed to help you achieve your goals by scripting your manifestations. This is done by writing the things you desire by acting as if you already have them. You write as if you are in the present tense and receiving the things you desire. You can also use this as a method to practice gratitude. If you are trying to manifest something, whether it be money, a job, or a relationship, it is best to do it from a place of gratitude. Writing down a list of things you are grateful for is helpful not only to speed up your manifestations but also to help gain some perspective and put you into a more positive and present mindset.

If any of these sounds like something that you may enjoy or find useful, don’t hesitate in trying it out! There is no right or wrong way to journal, and there are even more types of journaling to try out- you can even create your own!

By: George John, Project Unplugged Founder