Corporate and Company Workshops

Project Unplugged offers workshops designed for groups, organizations, and companies designed for their particular needs.

For example, Project Unplugged is offering a pilot program on Preventing Physician Burnout for 8 physicians from Missouri Baptist Hospital sponsored by their Physician Wellness initiative.  The 6-week course includes:

  1. Introduction and Values Clarification: writing a personal mission statement
  2. Meditation and Mindfulness
  3. Restorative Sleep
  4. Emotional Freedom Technique
  5. Unplugging: Work/Life Balance
  6. Wrap up

Project Unplugged is also offering a 2-hour workshop on Mindfulness Meditation for St. Louis company Advocado to teach employees how to relax and reduce stress.  The workshop includes training in training in relaxing the body and mind, observing the breath, and observing thoughts in a non-judgmental manner.