Executive Committee

George John, P.E.
Project Unplugged Founder

George John is the President and CEO of Engineering Design Source, Inc. (EDSI), a St. Louis-based civil engineering firm, which he founded in 1995. George is a registered Professional Engineer with more than 30 years of civil engineering experience in highway design, traffic signal design, runway/taxiway layout, and program management. Through the process of building EDSI, George has discovered that his personal career satisfaction comes as a result of helping others achieve their dreams and ambitions.

George has held a number of leadership positions in the St. Louis community including serving as the President of the St. Louis Chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), President of the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers – St. Louis Chapter, and President of the Engineers Club of St. Louis.  He also served as the Lead Mentor of the Parkway School District Spark Entrepreneurship Program and is the founder of KeralaVolunteer.com, which provides opportunities for volunteers to teach and live at a rural school in India.

As the founder of Project Unplugged, George is passionate about promoting community, wellness, and mindfulness throughout the St. Louis region.

Ben Voss, M.D.
Project Unplugged Instructor

Dr. Ben Voss is a BJC Medical Group Primary Care Physician at Missouri Baptist Medical Center. As Chief of Medicine, he supervises over 50 doctors and 2,500 patients. In addition to his clinical care, his leadership positions include Chief of Medicine at Missouri Baptist, Medical Director of Continuing Medical Education, Physician Site Leader for his practice, and instructor for Washington University School of Medicine.

He is passionate about wellness promotion, improving access of medical care to all patients, and he strives to eliminate health disparities in our city. Ben is instrumental in developing the Physician Wellness program to prevent physician burnout in conjunction with Missouri Baptist Medical Center.

Katie Boyd, Psy.D.
Project Unplugged Instructor

Dr. Katie Boyd is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice in St. Louis since October 2017.  She has been practicing psychology for ten years since graduating from the Florida School of Professional Psychology in 2010.  Katie specializes in individual therapy treating anxiety, panic attacks, perfectionism, women’s issues, divorce, and codependency.

In her role as a therapist, she may be a supportive listener, educator, consultant, or cheerleader, and she utilizes a wide range of interventions tailored to the specific needs of each individual with whom she works.

Katie uses mindfulness with her clients to help them manage anxiety.  She has an eclectic approach to therapy, including coaching, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MCBT), and Positive Psychology.

Joseph Ojile, M.D., D. ABSM, FCCP
Project Unplugged Instructor

Dr. Joseph Ojile is the founder, chief executive officer, and medical director of Clayton Sleep Institute (CSI), a sleep medicine clinical and research organization that includes sleep clinics, an insomnia center, and a research center.

Joe serves as Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine for Saint Louis University School of Medicine. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the National Sleep Foundation and former NSF Executive Chairperson. He serves on the Council of Directors of the True Health Coalition GLiMMER Initiative and on the Editorial Board of Sleep Review magazine.

Laurel Clark, D.M., D.D., Psi.D
Project Unplugged Instructor

Dr. Laurel Clark is a teacher, counselor, and author.  She specializes in aiding people to develop their full potential using inner resources like dream interpretation, meditation, and visualization, and outer resources like communication skills and values clarification assessments.

Laurel has been keeping a dream journal and meditating since 1977 and teaching these self-awareness methods since 1979.  She taught with the School of Metaphysics for 40 years, serving as President and on the Board of Governors.  She was President and Board Chair of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and is currently a board member.  Laurel founded Whole Life Resources, offering education designed to aid people live with purpose, balance, peace, and contentment.  She is a certified dreamologist, graduate of the College of Metaphysics, and the Institute for Dream Studies.

Laurel is the author of seven books and contributor to a dozen more.  Some of her titles are Intuitive Dreaming, The Law of Attraction and Other Secrets of Visualization, Dharma:  Finding Your Soul’s Purpose, Karmic Healing, and Concentration.

Bill Weiss
Project Unplugged Instructor

Bill has extensively studied, taught, and lectured under the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, as a Teacher of Transcendental Meditation (TM).  Travels and studies around the world included the works of Ramana Maharishi, Amma – The Hugging Saint, many religions, and meditation practices. Bill has been immersed for 45 years in these areas, penned many articles on subjects related to growth of consciousness, branches of the Vedas, Karma Yoga, and stress reduction techniques.

In 1993, Bill experienced higher states of awareness, which gave value to his years of intellectual understandings. From then on, such experiences occurred more often and in 2016, a desire grew to offer a simple technique that would provide the same great happiness, expansion, awakening of inner senses, and ‘Self’. With decades of silence, Bill was now ready to offer Cloud 9 Experience and Meditation programs. These were developed to reduce the increasing stress-pandemic of daily ‘Burnout’. Methodologies contributing to stress-reducing tools are included within the Cloud 9 platform as it is designed to be a wellness tool for individuals and staff of corporations and organizations.