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Project Unplugged is currently hosting programs, at request, at the newly renovated Community Wellness and Mindfulness space at Longview Farm.

If you are interested in learning more about Project Unplugged programs, please feel free to contact George John directly at (314) 341-7663 or via email GJEDSI@AOL.COM

What People Are Saying About Project Unplugged

“I would absolutely enroll again…”

Project Unplugged served as a brief escape from the daily grind and provided mindful strategies on how to better cope and refresh. I would absolutely enroll again to practice meditation, focus on mindfulness, gain more insight into my sleep habits and bond with my colleagues. Creating the vision board forced me and my family to prioritize what is really important and how my loved ones view me. The process alone of meeting in a calm environment, removing one’s shoes, turning off all phones/technology and being present was very centering.

– Dr. Ben Voss, Chief of Medicine, Missouri Baptist Medical Center