The Project Unplugged mission is to promote a better way of life through practicing mindfulness, applying evidence-based wellness principles, and developing a supportive, like-minded community.

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Reset, Refresh, Recharge and Replenish.

Reconnect with your inner self using natural methods like breathing, meditation, and sleep. Learn to relax and to create purposeful relationships and restore your purpose in life.

Our network of dedicated professional practitioners supports the integration of western medicine and holistic health practices with the ultimate goal of achieving optimal mental, emotional, and physical health.

Are you ready to unplug?

What People Are Saying About Project Unplugged

“I would absolutely enroll again! Project Unplugged served as a brief escape from the daily grind and provided mindful strategies on how to better cope and refresh. I would absolutely enroll again to practice meditation, focus on mindfulness, gain more insight into my sleep habits and bond with my colleagues.”

– Dr. Ben Voss, Chief of Medicine, Missouri Baptist Medical Center

“The line between stress and burnout is the ability to recover between call nights or days in the office. When participating in Project Unplugged, we were truly unplugged— and the feeling I had was similar to what I experienced on vacation. We all walked out of the session feeling rejuvenated— which is the point of developing personal resiliency. I look forward to our next 3 sessions and encourage others to sign up.”

– Dr. Mitchell Botney, Chief Medical Officer, Missouri Baptist Medical Hospital 

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Project Unplugged offers workshops designed for groups, organizations, and companies designed for their particular needs.

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Tips For Meditating For The First Time
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Tips For Meditating For The First Time

One of the most common things I have noticed about the transition from not believing in the power of meditation and holistic medicine is that most people refuse to “believe it until they see it.” A lot of people feel that they don’t have it in them, or they decide before trying it that it is not for them. I…

The Benefits of Journaling
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The Benefits of Journaling

Stress is like a big pimple. Everyone gets one at one point or another, and it sort of sticks around until you figure out how to make it go away, but until you figure that out, you are in for a ride with a lot of discomfort along the way. One of my favorite ways to expedite the “pimple process”…

The Power of Breath
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The Power of Breath

For most people, breathing is an automatic unconscious and subconscious function.  Yet there are people who master this autonomic function with conscious breathing, thus producing the ability to relax, to withstand extreme conditions, and to be mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy. Wim Hof, Leonard Orr, and other breath practitioners have shown that certain breathing techniques can dramatically increase longevity.  Scientists…